Your Essential Skin Savior: The BiaComplex™️

by Codex Beauty Labs

Your Essential Skin Savior:  The BiaComplex™️
Tracey Ryan, master alchemist and founder of Bia, spent years searching for the perfect moisturizer to heal her damaged hands and skin. The result: The BiaComplex, a unique blend of super herbs formulated to repair skin on multiple levels. Here, Ryan shares the unique story behind how this powerful blend came to be—and why it will forever change your moisturizer routine.


It started in the garden, where inspiration struck.

“I have always suffered with dermatitis on my hands, made worse, of course, by gardening and foraging through rough brambles. So while studying herbal science, I decided to create something special just for my hands. The most irritating thing for me was the constant dryness and flakiness so I needed a product that seriously hydrated my skin.”


She experimented and tinkered until one day…

“I looked at not one, but five different plant extracts, all of which played a different role in keeping the skin hydrated—from calendula to heartsease—and blended them together into what I called the BiaComplex.”


The secret recipe really worked.  

“BiaComplex is made with a very special formula of macerated oil infusions of calendula, immortelle or flower everlasting and comfrey blended together with water infusions of heartsease and mallow to form a deeply nourishing elixir. Each of the plant extracts addresses hydration in a certain way: Immortelle flower keeps the skin covered with a protective film to trap in moisture; comfrey has keratolytic properties that help shed the drier, outer layers of the epidermis; and heartsease contains polysaccharides that boost the skin’s capacity to retain water by improving osmotic function.”


This formula is true to our roots

“What’s really interesting about the BiaComplex is that we’ve taken traditional, exceptionally pure methods of extraction, such as simple oil and water infusions, which are typically done by hand or in small batches, and worked with our master craftsmen to produce large quantities without compromising on quality or potency. This matters because many companies would rather buy plant extracts that have been acquired using solvents, alcohol, glycerin or CO2, which is a faster and cheaper way to make products on a large scale. We prefer to buy our herbs direct from local farmers and work with our manufacturers to come up with a scaled-up version of the natural water and oil infusions.”


Now you can get your hands on it, too.

“BiaComplex is found in our Skin Superfood, which is the multi-tasking hero of the Bia range and functions as a hand cream, night cream, after-sun balm and all-around fix for any type of dryness (it’s especially great if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or rosacea). It’s incredibly moisturizing but glides on beautifully light with a buttery texture. For now, the BiaComplex only appears in Skin Superfood—but look out for it in more products in the very near future!”





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