Your Perfect Spring Skincare Routine

by Codex Beauty Labs

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Brighter mornings and longer evenings mean that summer is almost here. A lot of us reset by throwing open the windows and doing a good spring cleaning at home. “Don’t forget that we can also extend this spring cleaning to our beauty routines,” says Tracey Ryan, herbalist and master formulator for the Bia collection. “As the days get warmer it’s time to change out your heavier creams for lighter ones, buff away dull, dry skin and seal in lots of dewy moisture for a fresh, healthy look.” Here, Ryan gives us a quick spring routine:    


Step 1: Do a Deep (but Gentle) Scrub 

I’m wearing SPF each day, so evening time exfoliation is very important—if it’s not effectively removed then SPF can block pores and lead to breakouts. I use our Bia Exfoliating Wash every night to cleanse and exfoliate. I love that it’s gentle enough to use daily. The jojoba grains, which are technically a wax, don’t have any rough edges and give a very gentle polish.”  


Step 2: Get Glowy, Not Greasy 

At this time of year, I like to use our Bia Day Cream as my daily moisturizer; it has a light texture, is easily absorbed, and there’s plant derived hyaluronic acid in the formula to hold onto water and plump my skin. Nourishing seaweed and calendula infusions also calm any redness. I make sure to extend my skincare to my neck now that its no longer hidden by scarves and heavy jumpers. 


Step 3: Edit Your Skincare Cabinet 

The change of season is also a good opportunity to go through your skincare collection and throw away expired products. Oil-based products can become rancid and water-based products can grow bacteria. It’s a good practice to regularly check your products by looking at the ‘use-by dates and also visually inspecting them where possible. It can be a nice time of year to introduce something new into your routine, too. Our Bia Discovery Kit is a great way to try some travel-sized products before committing to a larger size.”  


Step 4: Wash Your Other Stuff, Too 

And, finally I like to also take this time to clean my makeup brushes, cleansing mitts and any other accessories. I love to use our Bia Cold-Processed Soaps for this as I find the gentle lather perfect for cleaning bristles and clothes without being too harsh.”  


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