A Skincare Routine to Remedy and Calm Dry Skin

by Codex Beauty Labs

A Skincare Routine to Remedy and Calm Dry Skin

Work with your skin, not against it, to keep it soft and glowing this season. Here's a skincare routine for dry skin to keep it soft and glowing this season.

Dry skin in winter seems to be unavoidable, especially if you already have a sensitive complexion. Surviving the season is a lot easier with the right goods in your routine. Our Bia Collection is formulated in Ireland—where braving the harsh elements is part of the lifestyle—and packed with super hydrating plants.   


Why does skin get dry in winter?

Before we dive into the routine, it’s important that we understand the root causes of dry skin during the colder seasons. Dry skin in winter seems to be unavoidable, especially if you already have a sensitive complexion.

As we know, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis tend to flare-up in the colder months, when humidity levels and temperatures plummet, which can bring on red, flaky patches all over.

Along with the lower temperatures and less humidity in the air, certain activities and lifestyle tendencies that are more common in the winter months can also lead to dry, irritated skin as well. These include turning the heat on in our homes, taking longer, hotter showers and neglecting to put on sunscreen during the day, which can leave your skin’s moisture barrier unprotected.

To calm winter-weary skin, try this mini skincare routine featuring some of the skincare for dry skin from our Bia Collection:

Gently cleanse and lightly slough 

Turn a ritual that’s normally drying into something beneficial and soothing for your face. Bia Wash Off Cleansing Oil won’t strip skin’s healthy oils and if you softly buff it in with a washcloth, you’ll lift away dead skin cells—so your moisturizers can penetrate better—without irritating the surface. This gentle cleanser is a light oil-to-milk formula that leaves skin soft and balanced. Put any retinol or acid products on hold, though, since they can be sensitizing and might lead to further dryness. 


Saturate skin with an antioxidant
-rich oil. 

It’s important to add moisture back into your skin right after any type of cleansing. Feed your complexion with nourishing botanicals, so it can repair itself and undo the daily assault from environmental factors. Bia Facial Oil contains ultra-replenishing sea buckthorn and prickly pear extracts. It is a light oil that smooths, softens, balances, and locks in moisture. Press it into the skin, lightly patting it on. You can do two layers if you’re super dry.  


Swap your day cream for 
Bia Skin Superfood. 

This emollient balm is a do-it-all wonder. Our master formulator and herbalist Tracey Ryan handpicked a specific bouquet of plants—calendula, comfrey, heartsease—to improve barrier function, so your skin can retain moisture better. If you’re severely dry, slather on a generous amount and apply it morning and night. You can also apply to your hands, lips, and cuticles for extra protection.  

Stick with good habits that prevent parched skin.  

Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom to up the natural moisture content in the air and take shorter, cooler showers (not easy but really worth it) and apply moisturizer right after washing. Try to avoid harsh detergents when lathering up—Ryan loves Bia Uplifting Soap, which seals in moisture with shea butter and rose geranium oil. It smells like a spring day. Consider it a nice fix until the birds start chirping.


Winter is a rough time for us all, but with this skincare routine for dry skin, you can still achieve soft, supple skin even under the harshest conditions.


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