How The Bia Collection Honors the Earth

by Codex Beauty Labs

How The Bia Collection Honors the Earth

Earth Day is a time to reflect and give back to nature. Now more than ever, this day is a reminder to us all that we all share the earth. We are all connected and dependent on each other to ensure the health of our planet. Instead of rushing to return to our normal routines, let’s take Earth Day as a chance to change our routines—for the better.  

At Codex Beauty, we are a mission to create meaningful change in the beauty industry, one dab and swipe at a time. Our formulas and practices are driven by sustainability, respect for the earth, and nurturing the eco-system of skin. Our Bia Collection is as green as it gets.   

And we mean that literally, since the Bia Collection was founded in the green fields of Ireland by Tracey Ryan, our master formulator. Ryan, who studied organic horticulture as well as herbal science, sources organic, native and sustainable botanicals to create everything from the elderflower-based Bia Exfoliating Wash to the calendula-infused Bia Skin Superfood cream in the 10-piece range. “The plants we use are grown without pesticides and herbicides or synthetic chemical fertilizers, which in turn, protects local waterways from pollution run-off,” says Ryan.  

Scientific evidence shows that organic agriculture produces greater biodiversity in nature, allowing plants and crops to thrive under its practices. Another benefit: Organic farming removes carbon from the atmosphere and safely locks it away in the soil, says Ryan, which helps to “mitigate climate change as well.”  

What this means for your beauty routine? It means you don’t have to sacrifice your standards or the environment to improve your skin. To show our commitment to organic farming, the Bia Collection carries COSMOS ORGANIC Standard certified by Ecocert—the most widely recognized global organic standard  

It’s not just how we grow but how we collect our ingredients that mattersOur respect for nature and the beautiful plant materials we work with goes further than organic standards,” says Ryan. We understand that wild plants that are not commercially farmed are stronger and full of medicinal constituents. For this reason, we use wild harvesting methods wherever we can.”  

This is especially crucial when it comes to Irish seaweeds, says Ryan, found in such items as our hydrating Bia Day Cream and replenishing Bia Facial Oil. “Seaweed is abundant along the coast and handpicked for us by family growers who have been harvesting seaweed in this area for generations,” says Ryan.   

Most of all, the Bia Collection is not made with any endangered plants or plants that have suffered scarcities due to over demand for becoming trendy (or “it” ingredients) in the beauty industry. The wild plants of Ireland that we select grow abundantly either in the wild or on organically farmed land,” says Ryan. “Our use of them poses no threat to their continued survival. Because when we support the Earth’s cycle, we all reap thetruly beautiful—benefits.   

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