Ingredient of the Month: Serrated Wrack

by Codex Beauty Labs

Ingredient of the Month: Serrated Wrack

In this regular series, Tracey Ryan, the master formulator behind Bia, enlightens us with her expert knowledge of the plant kingdom and how botanicals can benefit our skin.  


Serrated wrack seaweed


Latin name: 

Fucus serratus


Native to:

The northern Atlantic Ocean and Atlantic coastlines of Europe, especially the Irish and British coastlines.


Key nutrients: 

Serrated wrack contains a type of anti-inflammatory polysaccharide, called fucoidans, in its cell walls, as well as strengthening beta-carotene, vitamins A and E and replenishing alginic acid.


Essential benefits:

Studies show that fucoidans can significantly reduce inflammation and might stimulate the growth of skin-firming collagen while also helping to prevent the natural breakdown of collagen that occurs with age. Vitamins A and E have protective antioxidant capabilities and alginic acid acts like a humectant to draw in moisture, giving skin a plumped and dewy appearance. 


Little known details:

Serrated wrack grows on rocky shores since it needs a stable surface to cling to, and once harvested, the fresh, raw tips of this seaweed are delicious in a salad.


Where to find it:

This potent, youth-enhancing marine ingredient can be found in Bia Facial Oil and Bia Day Cream, where it helps calm skin and improve elasticity.  



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