Need-to-Know Face Wash Facts

by Codex Beauty Labs

Need-to-Know Face Wash Facts

Learn how Bia cleansers will change the way you come clean. 

Washing your face is the most basic skincare habit that—hopefully!—everyone does at least once a day. Lathering up in a gentle but effective way is crucial for maintaining a healthy and balanced complexion but the reasons go beyond that, too. The ingredients in cleansers can impact your entire body, greater ocean life and the environment in some fairly startling ways. And since you reach for a cleanser nearly every single day, the product you pick really matters, to put it mildly.    


Surfactants often act as detergents, helping to dissolve dirt and grime. But studies show they not only have a potential to strip your skin and cause irritation, but they can create problems when washed into the drain. Surfactants are sturdy and hard to break down, so they pose a threat for polluting the water, affecting the growth of algae and other important microorganisms, and leading to toxicity in aquatic life. 


All the more reason to switch to a safe option you can feel good about. The question is, without surfactants, how you can effective de-gunk your skin?  


Bia’s cleansers do not contain surfactantssays master formula Tracey RyanInstead, the Bia Exfoliating Wash works cream cleanser, she says. It contains biodegradable jojoba grains, which do not clog waterways, as well as castor oil, a robust but gentle cleansing oil that can draw grease, grime and makeup away from the skin. When emulsified with water and antioxidant-rich floral water, the resulting cream easily dissolves. It doesn’t lather or foam but between the cream cleansing and the gentle exfoliation you get a clean face!” she says. 


The newly launched Bia Wash Off Cleansing Oil’s formula is based on the well-known oil-cleansing principle: “Oil attracts oil, so it draws grease, grime, oil-based makeup to it,” explains Ryan. Then we have added a special emulsifier so that when you splash water onto it, it turns to a milky emulsion and beautifully rinses off.” 


Both plant-based cleansers are chemical-free to protect our waterways and not negatively impact aquatic life. The result is a deep clean—that’s healthy for all.  

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