Color From Nature, Not Artificial Dyes

by Codex Beauty Labs

Color From Nature, Not Artificial Dyes

The subtle rainbow of colors you see in Codex Beauty’s product are from the plant extracts only.

The beautiful range of pale colors you see on our washes, serum, oils, creams and bar soaps all come from nature. Here, master formulator Tracey Ryan explains the process and why Mother Earth provides the best palette.   

We are 100% free of artificial colors and dyes.

“The final colors you see in every Codex Beauty product come from the plant extracts. Our Facial Oil is a beautiful golden color because of the sea buckthorn oil. Our Day Cream is white-ish because of the herbal extracts inside—like calendula—and we don’t feel the need to change the color.”


We don’t just use any natural ingredients either

“We were using a plant-based carotene in our Exfoliating Wash to give a light yellow color but, upon further investigation, we found a synthetic solvent was being used in the extraction process.  So we discontinued the use of carotene. Even if it means sacrificing esthetics, we are commitment to only natural ingredients.”


We work with a colorful array of hero ingredients.

“Some of my favorites are bog myrtle essential oil, fucus serratus seaweed and heartsease. Bog myrtle grows in the bog as the name suggests. It has the most wonderful anti-aging properties as well as sebum-controlling abilities. It also smells amazing, warm and earthy. Fucus serratus, or serrated wrack, is seaweed that grows abundantly on western Irish shores and is hand harvested for us. It is loaded with oils, minerals and vitamins and can improve collagen production. And heartsease, or wild pansy, is one of my favorite herbs. It is loaded with hydrating polysaccharides for a dewy effect. All of these ingredients go in the formulas to lend a bit of color—along with great skin benefits, too.”    


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