It Takes A Village: Skincare Professions

by Codex Beauty Labs

It Takes A Village: Skincare Professions

Creating a science-based, high-tech skincare product requires a team comprised of many different professionals. These critical players contribute to developing, manufacturing, and testing of skincare products.

In order to make the highest quality, safest, and most effective skincare, Codex Beauty draws on the collaborative efforts of many experts, including: 

  • Ethnobotanists
  • Plant scientists
  • Cosmetic chemists
  • Chemical/Manufacturing Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Regulatory Affairs Experts


Ethnobotanists study of the interrelation between a geographical region’s people and cultures (“ethno”) and their indigenous plants (“botany”), so as to understand the relationship between the people and their botanical world. We add plant extracts to cosmetic products for various functions—as active ingredients—to provide scent or to add texture or color, which requires the expert knowledge of plant scientists. Cosmetic chemists are often thought of in the industry as being like artists or chefs, always striving to create products that are as unique and elegant as they are useful. As a result, they possess a vast amount of knowledge and understanding about how different types of ingredients in a formula interact with one another to ensure that their creations are both safe and efficacious. Chemical engineers, using cGMP practices, are tasked with taking a lab scale formulation and producing it on a large scale by combining its ingredients using various tools and methods that employ heat, cold, and mechanical energy.

At Codex Beauty, the safety and efficacy of our products, in that order, are our top priority. Statisticians assist in the development and application of statistical methods and models in their evaluation of products. Working in cooperation with dermatologists and clinicians, they gather, analyze, and interpret data generated by safety and efficacy studies. Finally, a company's regulatory affairs group is tasked with overseeing how products are developed, tested, manufactured, marketed and distributed to ensure they are in compliance with all of the regulatory standards in whatever geographical areas they are sold.

As the old saying goes, "it takes a village,” which is how Codex Beauty creates its science-backed, high-quality skincare, and we greatly value all of those who sit on our village counsel.

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