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Reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles, while soothing and providing instant hydration with plant-powered eye creams.

Eye Creams

At Codex Beauty Labs, we featured plant-powered eye creams that effectively reduce puffiness and dark circles. These scientifically proven products provide instant hydration for tired eyes. They repare damaged or dehydrated skin in the delicate eye area, letting you look and feel your best no matter how busy you get. Shop our collection of sustainable and vegan vegan eye creams.

How do you incorporate eye cream into your skincare routine?

No matter your age, eye creams are always a welcome addition to your skincare routine. Before adding an eye cream or gel to your routine, determine what type of skin concern you have to address. The Bia Hydrating Eye Gel, for example, hydrates the area and reduces puffiness. Meanwhile, the Antü Eye Cream focuses on reducing the apearance of dark circles and lifting the skin.