Sustainability, Down to a Science

Sustainability and fair trade principles are fully integrated into all core areas of our business.
Our goal is to be carbon footprint neutral by 2025.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We utilize sugarcane-based polyethylene (green PE) tubes for our cream/gel products, and we use 50% PCR PET bottles for our liquid products. We ensure that all paper-based packaging (leaflets, cartons, corrugate) is either PEFC or FSC certified for sustainable forestly. We will implement recycling programs to minimize ocean plastic in 2023.
Green PE
PCR Plastics
Packing & Transportation

Why Biotech for Sustainability?

We source as ingredients that are biotech-manufactured as possible, as these reduce carbon footprint. Biotechnology can delivery more potent, concentrated actives with specific functionality that optimize skincare performance while minimizing the energy and water needed to manufacture them.
What are biotech actives?
Why biotechnology?
Why are biotech actives better than naturals?

Supporting Biodiversity

We work with local ethnobotanists and indigenous peoples. We consider everything from the bio-availability of a plant species, the ecological impact of organic/biodynamic farming to the local biome, and the indigenous community. Our suppliers integrate the full production chain: from the biomass harvest in the native ecosystem/farm through extraction, concentration or fermentation of the bio-active.
What is biodiversity?
Why does biodiversity matter?
Why are we losing biodiversity?
How do we protect biodiversity?

Fair Trade Sourcing

We support fair trade when we work with local growers and indigenous harvesters. We pay fair market prices to local communities. We are fully support the Nagoya protocol and invest in building infrastructure for better working conditions, access to healthcare, and education. As Aesop (620-560 B.C.) stated long ago, “United we stand, divided we fall. “
Social Standards
Fair Trade
Nagoya Protocol
Indigeneous Support